Counseling offers you a chance to speak with a trained professional about making changes in your life in a caring, nurturing environment. It is a collaborative experience that requires us both to examine your thoughts, feelings and behaviors in order to make lasting changes.

Together we can plan and implement ways for you to grow emotionally or make behavioral changes. We can help you learn how to effectively deal with depression, anxiety, work/life balance, parenting and many other issues.

  • Anxiety & Panic Disorders
  • OCD Spectrum Disorders
  • Depression
  • Adult ADHD
  • Women's Issues
  • Men's Issues
  • Grief & Trauma
  • Parenting
  • Self-Esteem
  • Socialization
  • Life Transitions
  • Acculturation
  • Sports and Athletics Issues
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders



Glenview Counseling Group