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Ages 3 and up.

During an initial meeting, I strive to meet my clients where they are in their life and help them validate their own emotions.  It is important for me to develop a good rapport with my clients because I feel it is the foundation for successful treatment.  Developing a workable treatment plan with my clients helps guide the focus of our sessions and gives a sense of accomplishment.

I have developed the belief that everyone is capable of feeling better and overcoming their struggles as long as they find a positive mindset and believe in themselves.  By using Cognitive Behavioral and other evidenced based techniques, I will help you create new skills and strategies to work towards your treatment goals.  Feeling good and enjoying your life is possible as long as you work for it and believe you can achieve it. 

I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Bradley University and continued on to receive my Master of Arts Degree at Roosevelt University in Clinical Psychology.  During my Masters Program, I completed my clinical internship at Community Counseling Centers of Chicago (C4) as a child and family therapist.  After completing my degree, I was hired at C4 as a full time child and family therapist to provide case management, individual, group and family therapy.  While continuing my full time job at C4, I branched out into private practice at Terry Hefter Associates where I provided individual, family, and couples therapy.  After 7 years at C4 and a few years at Terry Hefter Associates, my family moved to Schaumburg from the city and it was time for a change.  I began working at a group private practice in Arlington Heights named Lake Cook Behavioral Health Resources where I provided individual, family, and couples therapy for 10 years.  During that time, I also worked for Family Service Association of Greater Elgin conducting conflict resolution groups in elementary /middle schools as well as providing case management and resources.  In February 2014, I began a new adventure working at Glenview Counseling Group.  Currently I am working in Glenview on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.  

Throughout my years in practice, I have received extensive training in treating ADHD, behavioral issues, depression, and anxiety in children and adolescents as well as adults.  Last year, I attended a 3 day training focused on treating OCD in children, adolescents and adults.

Since beginning my training in psychology, I have always been passionate about working with children and adolescents.  I have grown to enjoy working with female adolescents who are struggling with depression and anxiety.  I believe that all adolescents are in need of support and guidance in this difficult life transition where they struggle to find themselves and move from being children to young adults.  I enjoy empowering female adolescents and helping them build their self-esteem from the inside instead of believing they are who people think they are.  Having a strong sense of self can help anyone overcome their struggles. 

My main treatment modality for depression and anxiety is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  Identifying negative core beliefs and self-talk is important in understanding how depression and anxiety is being maintained.  Through experiential techniques, such as mindfulness, journaling, etc., I will help you develop skills/strategies to lessen depressive and anxious symptoms.  In treating OCD and anxiety related symptoms, the main focus of treatment is exposure and response prevention. 

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband, 2 daughters, and extended family and friends.  I enjoy watching hockey and baseball and playing softball.  I have a passion for animals especially dogs and would love to have a therapy dog in the future.

In working with children and adolescents, it is also important for me to work within the family to help family members support the new skills/strategies the child/adolescent has developed.  I also collaborate with other systems involved with the child/adolescent, such as school, doctors, etc.